Three-Phase UPS Systems


MGE three-phase UPS systems are available in various models and sizes ranging from 10 kVA (kilo Volt Amps) to 750 kVA. In critical applications where n+1 redundancy is required, systems with multi-module capability are available.


All models employ Online (Double Conversion) technology where commercial AC (Alternating Current) is converted to DC (Direct Current) then back to AC. This time-proven conversion process provides the highest quality of power conditioning and the ultimate protection from power outages and disturbances.


Applications include: Multiple Servers, Computer Rooms, Data Centers, Plant Floors, Broadcasting & Telecom systems.



Galaxy 3000

(Single Module UPS)

The first data center grade UPS in the 10-30 kVA power range. Features include a power factor corrected input, internal batteries, maintenance bypass, and four color graphical user interface.


(Single Module UPS)

The COMET uses a true on-line topology regenerating 100% of the output power to guarantee complete isolation and protection from all utility power problems. 40-150 kVA Mission Critical UPS.

Galaxy PW

(Multi-Module UPS)

The Galaxy PW modular design permits the paralleling of modules for capacity or redundancy without extra paralleling gear. High energy efficiency and advanced battery management system. 100-225 kVA.

EPS 6000

(Single and Multi-Module UPS)

The EPS 6000s features include: fault tolerant circuitry, precise voltage regulation, less than 4% THD, high energy efficiency, advanced browser based power monitoring system, and more. 225-800 kVA.