Controlled Power Company


Controlled Power Company engineers and manufacturers the industry's highest quality power conditioning equipment, capitalizing on three decades of experience. They provide a wide range of power equipment for regulating, conditioning, isolating, purifying, and distributing incoming electrical power.


A&P Power Systems is proud to offer the EL Series of Emergency Lighting Inverters and the HV Series of Single Phase UPS Systems from Controlled Power Company:




Emergency Lighting Inverter


The EL Series of Emergency Lighting Inverters offers seamless transfer to backup power. Because of this seamless transfer, the EL Series has no application limitations. Its features include: single point operation, voltage regulation, surge protection, harmonic attenuation, voltage distortion, and easy maintanence. Designed for Hospitals, Schools, Warehouses, Stadiums, and much more.



Single Phase UPS


The HV Series of Single Phase UPS systems are designed to maximize backup time, protect your computer or critical load, and monitor all key parameters of electrical power including a log of events. Features include 100% power conditioning, DataGuard, Eliminates unwanted harmonic frequencies, >94% Effieciency, and K-Factor 30 or more.