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What Is a UPS System?
An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a device that sits between a power supply and an electronic device. The UPS regulates the power coming from the power supply to help eliminate undesirable problems such as sags, surges, spikes, and brownouts. Thus your electronic device receives clean, continuous power. Also when utility power fails, the UPS product will automatically turn on and begin to provide battery backup power to equipment plugged into it
Why Do I Need a UPS System?
If you require optimum performance from your equipment, as many of us do, than a UPS system is a must. Each year the typical computer location experiences: 36 spikes, 264 voltage sags, 128 voltage surges, and 15 blackouts. Without a UPS System this ultimately results in lost work, premature hardware failure, intermittent hardware malfunctions, corrupted files, lost files, unexplained system errors, garbled directories, disrupted communications, inconsistent software operation, and more.
Does A&P Just Sell UPS Systems?
Unlike most companies that just sell UPS Systems, A&P Power is able to provide total-turnkey solutions for your power protection needs. From choosing the right power protection system - to system maintenance and repair, A&P Power provides the full spectrum of services for your Power Protection needs.
Are A&P Service Technicians Factory-Trained?
Yes. A&P service technicians are factory trained at MGE UPS headquarters in Costa Mesa, California, and at GNB Industrial Power Headquarters in Lombard, Illinois. Because they are factory trained, your Power Protection Equipment is maintained and/or repaired to exact manufacturer specifications.
How Long is the Waiting Period for a Part to be Delivered from the Mainland?
In most cases, there is no waiting period for the part to be shipped. A&P Power Systems has a local warehouse with a wide inventory of parts for all MGE and GNB products.
What If My Power Protection System Breaks Down at 12 Midnight on a Weekend?
A&P Power provides emergency service 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, for situations just like this. With our factory trained technicians and local inventory of factory parts, we will get you back up and running in the least amount of downtime.
If I Know the Total Power Draw from My Equipment, Can't I Just Buy a UPS from the Retail Store?
In most cases, there is more to power protection than simply knowing the total power draw and purchasing a UPS. Here at A&P we will sit down with you to discuss what you need and what you expect from your power protection system. With our knowledge and your input we will design you the best power protection system to meet your needs.
How Do I Determine When the Battery Needs to be Replaced in My UPS?
With our battery maintenance service, that is something you don’t have to worry about. Scheduled battery maintenance visits will extend the life of your batteries because often these visits will discover and/or uncover symptoms of premature battery failure. Advance warning of battery failure is a visual alert, which is activated when the system diagnostics does a battery load test and the results do not meet predetermined criteria. This visual alert indicates impending battery failure.
I Know the EPA has Strict Giudelines on Battery Removal, What is the Best Way To Remove Them?
Again, with A&P Power this is something you don't have to worry about. A&P Service Technicians adhere to all EPA guidelines to ensure the safe removal, shipping, and disposal of your spent batteries. With A&P Battery Removal you transfer your liability and help promote a safer work environment.