Single Phase UPS Systems


There are three types of Single-Phase UPS Systems:


Standby - Standby technology is designed for entry-level equipment. Its primary purpose is to protect equipment from power outages. The typical application for a Standby UPS system is a Personal Computer (PC).


Line-Interactive - Line-interactive technology is designed for mid-level equipment. In addition to protecting equipment from power outages, it employs an internal microprocessor that monitors the quality of utility power and reacts to any changes. Typical applications include high-end workstations and file-servers.


On-Line - On-line technology is designed for high-end equipment. In addition to providing protection from power outages, it provides superior filtering capabilities which protect computers from hardware and software damage. Typical applications for On-line UPS systems are enterprise servers and high-speed switches.



Pulsar Ellipse

(Standby UPS)

MGE's all new Pulsar Ellipse is the UPS of choice to maximize the availability of PCs and workstations in small and home office environments.

Pulsar Ellipse Premium

(Standby UPS)

Pulsar Ellipse Premium is the UPS of choice to maximize the availability of PCs, workstations and small servers. Ideal for home office and small/medium businesses.

Pulsar Evolution

(Line Interactive UPS)

The Pulsar Ellipse Premium is a high-density power protection for rack-optimized servers, storage systems and networking equipment.

Pulsar EX 7/10/15/20/30

(On-Line UPS)

True On Line technology provides constant voltage regulation. Superior Power Quality Protection for Critical Equipment. Rack Model Available for EX 10/15/20/30.

Comet EXtreme

(On-Line UPS)

On-line double conversion topology provides pure power to running applications 24 hrs/day, 7 days a week. Superior Power Quality Protection for Critical Equipment.