Power Distribution Units & Source Transfer Switches


The MGE PMM, PMM Plus/PMM Ultra Power Management Modules are based on the latest technology in the power electronics industry. Breakthroughs in design and packaging have made the PMM more compatible with the newer generations of computer applications including data processing, CAD/CAM, process control, and medical electronics.


MGE has taken monitoring to a new level by eliminating single points of failure common with Power Distribution Units. With MGE's advanced breaker scanning technology it instantly alerts operators, via its large format LCD display and audible alarm, to high current conditions well before breakers are at risk of tripping.


Applications include: Data Center Power Distribution, Source Transfer Switches




PMM & Remote PMM


MGE's new Power Management Module greatly simplifies design, building and management of the data center's power infrastructure. By integrating isolation, conditioning, electronic grade grounding and power management and distribution for up to 252 output breakers, MGE has developed a robust and versatile power delivery solution in one compact system. MGE also offers a PMM Remote system containing 2 X 42 pole panel boards in a compact footprint.



PMM Plus/PMM Ultra


No downtime! No exceptions! - is the result of the PMM Plus and PMM Ultra critical power distribution system. At the heart of the distribution system is MGE‘s industry leading digital static transfer switch. Fed by two independent AC power sources, the transfer switch instantly detects power quality deficiencies and rapidly and seamlessly transfers to an alternate input source, without interruption to the critical load. Offers unmatched reliability, availability and serviceability.